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Our Team

Matt Reynolds

Crossfit ReVa Coach and Co-Founder, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Matt Reynolds, 36, is an avid CrossFitter with over 5 years of training experience, building from the beginner level to competitive athlete and advanced Olympic Lifter. He came to CrossFit as a past hockey and lacrosse player, which gave him a solid athletic foundation to start from. He has a sound understanding of the needs of competitive athletes and works with AAA, Jr.B and Jr. A players in both group and one-to-one training sessions. The focus is on transferable skills: power, endurance, agility and speed development.

Michelle Van Der Zalm

Michelle is a long time CrossFitter and an integral part of the ReVa community. She enjoys connecting with members and takes pride in the progression made by members. You will often find her planning community events and encouraging others in the gym while they are completing their workouts.